The Honky Tonk

I recently had a business trip in Nashville, Tenessee. I stayed at the Loews Vanderbilt and could kick myself for not bringing my pooch, Georgia! I did not want to worry about her on evenings that I had dinner commitments or receptions on. But the hotel was wonderful and very pet friendly and about day 3 I definitely missed her company.

The Loews hotels have a special dine in menu dedicated to pets. Cats and dogs have meal options available. The mini bar also has treats for your furry friends!

After I got my traditional business trip shopping out of the way at the Green Hills Mall. I needed to find a shop to grab a souveneir for Georgia. This month's copy of Nashville Magazine was dedicated to pets. So I parused the mag in the gift shop and jotted down the address to www.petclawset.com Ya'll what a wonderful boutique! I got her a Shirley Temple Sailor dress and it only cost $15 on sale! It is adorable! I will post a pic shortly! It is a pretty new shop with wonderful treasures around every corner. I bought her a tank that said, " Princessa" for her latina flair!

So when in Nashville don't miss out on the Pet Clawset!!!