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~ What's New With You Know Who ~

Georgia is about 3.9 lbs now! She is about 80% potty trained and has the "sit", "no" and "Gimme Kisses" commands down. Every day when I come home she does her happy dance! And I love it!

I think Mario, her breeder, should've named her HOUDINI because she figures out a way to escape from her room all the time! We turned our hallway walk in closet into a playroom for her to stay in while we are away at work. Mostly because we have found a couple cords she was chewing. There is a baby gate in the doorway. Sometimes she rams into it and slips through! She started to jump out of her room so we put up poster board above the gate. SHE STILL FINDS A WAY! Some days I come home and she is curled up on the couch! As if to say she is too old to be cooped up in her room!

Every weekend we head to Dumfries, VA to visit my family. Georgia's best friend Charlie, a Lab, are inseperable. My neice does not even ask when I am coming over anymore. She just says," Tee Tee, where is Georgia?" My nephew learned to say Georgia before my name!

Georgia is a big personality in a little bitty package. She has an attitude! My boyfriend and I were having a conversation that was getting louder and louder (joking around) and she chased him out of the room barking! We laughed! She is so darn cute you can't get mad at her....not even when she leaves her random tootsie rolls around...if you know what I mean! I said 80% potty trained! haha!

I had to take back that Sony Camera because it was not performing the automatic feature. I am looking into getting another digital camera soon! I will post new pics of her room etc ASAP!